“Nao Victoria, en el mar del sur, … tres sartenes de fierro, e tres asadores e tres parrillas fierro… Aveinte e seis dias del mes de julio, año del señor de mil e quinientos e veinte sei.”

Juan Sebastián Elcano testament.

Only available at the best time of day, the journey begins when the sun goes down, leading to the awakening of your senses. Cataria – the word means ‘watchtower’ – has a strong Basque character built around its Cádiz essence, filling your palates with Atlantic flavours.

A magical journey that tastes like the sea.


Enjoy yourself in this distinctive lookout built by the team at the Iberostar Andalucía Playa hotel. A restaurant specialising in creations cooked on the grill, with locally-sourced, high quality produce complemented by excellent pairings and homemade desserts that will leave you wanting more.

1 sol Repsol 2021

Michelin Guide 2021 Recommended

Opinionated About Dining 2020 – 77th best European Heritage Restaurant



From June 10 to June 30 and from September 1 until closing

· Sunday and Monday from 13 to 15:30 h.
· Tuesday and Wednesday closed
· Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 13 to 15:30 and from 20 to 23 h.

July 1 to August 31

· Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 20 to 23 h.
· Saturday and Sunday from 13 to 15:30 and from 20 to 23 h.

*Free parking available

Tel: (0034) 664 150 752

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Iberostar Andalucía Playa
Avenida Amilcar Barca, 14, 11139 Urb. Novo Santi Petri, Cádiz